ತಿರುಳು 6th Episode Web-Series.

ತಿರುಳು Web Series

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Tirulu follows two different stories which are directly or indirectly connected to each other. The story revolves around four main characters and their life’s three day's event, one being newly joined police officer Hiremath, Malik a small time peddler, a senior inspector Jadhav and mysterious visitor called Ajith. The story resumes, now hiremath have to catch Malik. In which he may succeed, but soon another mystery unfolds. Will hiremat be able to solve this mystery or more mysteries awaits him?

Directed by: Mahmad Iliyas Bijapur

Produced by: Mahmad Iliyas Bijapur and Hajaratali Bijapur

Music: Joel Sakkari

Production Design: Sohan V Totiger

Production manager: Shubham Vernekar


ತಿರುಳು: 5th EPISODE.